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What ever you need for extravagant to simple only for 800 points!Dino King Yuumichi by nyahsart 


Drawing eyes - mini version :iconkawacy:kawacy 10,729 195 Hair - sketch to coloring :iconkawacy:kawacy 8,922 89 Drawing pants vs skirts :iconkawacy:kawacy 12,866 176
1st place: :iconmellowshy:

2nd place: :iconxkurochii:

tysm for everyone who joined! since there were so many people i couldnt get to reply to everyone but as long as you followed the rules i gave u a ticket(s) ^^
to those who have won: please note me a clear reference of your oc (fully colored)
if there is no reply after 48 hours i will pick a new winner
*edit* because there are at least 100 participants i have added a waist up to the prize<3 >u< 
aaaaaa thank you so much for 600+ watchers ;;7;; 
i cant believe i reached this many watchers aslfjkaksfd :iconyuicryplz:
♡ thank you so much for your support ♡ 

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Home Grown chptr10
Grillby had been at work when the foreboding presence passed through Snowdin. The atmosphere in the bar had been calm and relaxed, as it always was, but it quickly became tense and suffocating with fear when the feeling of a very powerful magic passed the establishment. Grillby had never felt such a magic before. It felt… dark; evil almost.
No one moved as the, Grillby didn’t even know what to call this, thing passed, and once the immense pressure of magic was gone the fire monster raced to the daycare. The presence had to pass the daycare as it made its way from the bar and that terrified Grillby. Sans and Papyrus could be in danger, and Gaster was probably still at Home seeing the King and Queen, so Grillby took it upon himself to make sure the boys were safe.
Banging his fist on the door, and having to argue with the monster behind the door after a few more knocks, Grillby sped into the home and what he walked into could best be described as a mess. Children of
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 119 247
Home Grown chptr9
Gaster was tired, tired like never before, but he didn’t dare close his sockets.
His human child, his daughter, lay resting against his chest, draped in one of his white lab coats he kept in his office. Her tiny fists balled against her chest while her legs would jerk every now and again in her sleep. Her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath she took. Every movement, every little twitch, she made Gaster found caught his attention and it kept him awake.
Everything she did showed Gaster that she was alive and not…
So long as he saw her moving, Gaster knew she would be alright.
So if it meant he would go a few hours without sleep just to make sure she was still breathing, Gaster would do it. Sleep seemed like a less important thing right now. The scare from earlier, almost losing her, had shook him down to his core and Gaster wanted to do nothing but make sure his little human girl was safe and out of harm.
After cleaning both the child and himself of the DT, Gaste
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 78 104
Home Grown chptr8
A girl.
It was a girl.
Gaster had a little girl growing in the tank.
If Gaster was to be completely honest at this point… he was floored! He had so many emotions going through him that he didn’t know which one to act on first! There was joy and wonder, as well as shock and terror that poked out more than the rest though.
Gaster was overjoyed the moment he found out the human was a girl. He wasn’t even checking for gender when Gaster found out. He had been taking notes and walking past the tank when he caught out of the corner of his vision the child stretching it now slightly longer limbs. And well… Let’s just say Gaster read enough from his human books to know the child was a girl.
 He felt wonder at the thought of one day bringing this, his, little girl home and introducing her to Sans and Papyrus. How would his boys react to Gaster bringing home a small babe, a human one too at that, and saying that she was now their little sister? Gaste
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 80 91
Home Grown chptr7
To say things were awkward would be putting it lightly, with how Gaster and Grillby acted around each other. The two barely spoke full sentences between them, or shared full eye contact, and when they were in the same room the temper would suddenly rise a few degrees. Gaster found himself stuttering when in the same space as the walking torch and the flames that made up Grillby’s head flickered wildly.
It was obvious that something was bothering them, even to Sans and Papyrus who knew nothing of what happened between the two adults. At first Sans let his mind think it was just some weird adult stuff, his dad and other parent did a lot of that when they were still alive, but as the weeks rolled on it started to worry him.
They had stopped going over to Grillby’s for dinner for about a week and the fire monster stopped coming over to visit like he regularly did. Whenever Sans brought up Grillby, Gaster would blush a heavy purple in color and say he had to go do something; lea
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 80 72
Home Grown chptr6
Though Gaster had no skin, he still could feel some remanence of temperature; to an extent. The weather had to either be extremely hot or cold for a skeleton to actually feel it, but sometimes a warm or cool feeling would come from deep in the soul. It was an anomaly among skeletons, feeling soul temperatures and wasn’t yet understood how it happened, and right now Gaster’s soul felt far colder than Snowdin would ever be.
Though his soul was cool Gaster’s body was burning. The clashing of hot and icy temperatures was very annoying and slowly it brought Gaster back into the realm of reality. Blinking his sockets, Gaster found that the ceiling lights in the room were off and broken shards of their glass lay around him. The only light source he could make out was the soft purple glow from the DT tanks… the tanks…
Pushing himself up into a sitting position, not even caring if the glass cut at his hands, Gaster looked up at the tank whe
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 81 107


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Iyahana baltimore
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Hi I'm iyahana, a new author and I'm working on a manga that I'll be posting here on DA, Please check out my Youtube and other social media sites

Youtube: Nyah's Art
Faceook: Nyahsart
Twitter: nyahsart
Instagram: Nyahs Art

Also is your have a request click here!


Exams are comming up so I gotta study so I'm gonna be on hiatus for a month or two
Passing the Lantern Test
5. Graduation: The Lantern Test  Becoming Shinobi and Understanding what it is to Endure!
     You've been lumped in with two other Shinobi for the final academy assignment, the Lantern Test.
The object of the test is to work together as a team to steal a dangling lantern from your opponent!
The test seems fairly simple, but if you don't work together, you will fail the test and be held back!
There's a lot riding on this moment! Give it your all and try your best to coordinate with your Squad!

      Do you have what it takes to become a shinobi?! Or will you end up a drop out?! YOU DECIDE!

     − Mission Type: Combat. Client: The Akarikage. Reward: Tōrōgakure Protector + Access to Missions!

Ryoko, Hiyori and Kiryuu PASS Ya!

Kiryuu XxYorunoHimexX 

Hiyori Tofuufufu 

and Ryoko belongs to me

stay tune for the youtube video later~
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